Payroll Service Add-On


 We offer Payroll and Human Resources as an Add-on to all of Packages.

Complete Payroll Processing | Included in Monthly Payroll Add-on Fee

Payroll processing can produce errors in several places, which calls for a detailed process flow that also incorporates several controls. Procedures & apps can be used to ensure that payroll is handled consistently on a repetitive basis. We will assist you in setting up these procedures to ensure an accurate & timely process to pay your employees.

Direct Deposit of Employee Pay | Included with OnPay

Give your employees the peace of mind knowing they will not lose (or wash) their paycheck. Direct Deposit of your employee's pay is included in the monthly fee.

Paycheck Printing of Employee Pay | Additional Fee

In this day & age paper checks are much riskier than direct deposit, therefore we do charge a substantial fee to print & send the paper paychecks to you for signature if we are processing your payroll in our office. We highly suggest you do not select this option.

Quarterly Payroll Reports | Included with OnPay

As part of the Payroll Service Add-on OnPay will process the payments of all taxes due for each payroll run and will eFile your Federal & State Quarterly Payroll Reports when due.

Annual Payroll Reports & Employee W2s | Included with OnPay

Also as part of the Payroll Add-On, OnPay will eFile your Federal & State Annual Payroll Reports and process the payments of any taxes due at year end. OnPay will prepare and eFile the employee W2s & provide the employees with their copy electronically. You may elect to have paper copies mailed to them at an additional charge.

Human Resource Management | Included with OnPay

Also as part of the Payroll Add-On, OnPay includes Human Resource Management which allow you to stay compliant and save time. OnPay payroll includes everything you need to automate administrative tasks, organize documents, and get HR right. Such as:

  • Employee offer letters and self-onboarding
  • PTO approvals and tracking
  • HR templates, eSigning, and resources
  • Organizational charts and a company roster
  • In-app messaging and document storage
  • HR auditing
QuickBooks Time Logo

Cloud Based Timekeeping |  Additional Add-on Fee

For employees who work remotely or switch jobs or locations regularly, there's QuickBooks Time mobile time tracking. Using the devices they already have and are familiar with, your employees can track time quickly and easily, with handy geo-fences, clock in/out reminders, employee breaks and overtime alerts to keep everyone on the same page. Employees can clock in and out on their desktop, laptop, or mobile phone—using iPhone or Android apps, text messaging or dial in. Even offline or out of service, TSheets accurately tracks time and automatically syncs when back in range.

QuickBooks Time direct integration into OnPay makes not just tracking time — but life — a breeze. With this integrated solution comes increased efficiency and accuracy in all areas of your business — from back-office to on-the-line productivity.